One Year Vocational Training


The Fonact 1 year intensive programme prepares you for your journey as an actor. The course is designed to push you outside your comfort zone, hone your craft and help you on the pursuit of your acting journey.

The course includes: 

  • Individual and ensemble work
  • Acting studies
  • Voice studies
  • Movement
  • Audition skills

Fonact provides a unique opportunity to train with theatre practitioners and teachers with a passion for acting and education. Our teachers are actors from some of the world's best drama schools with international theatre, TV and film credits. 

The Course

1st term 

Voice and movement work is the focus of your first term. The first 3 months focuses on your instrument: you. Taking charge of your instrument is the key to freeing yourself as an actor. 

Ensemble work is the heart of your training. As part of a group you will connect, push and inspire each other to build your confidence and free your mind.

2nd term

This term is focussed on scene work and acting with professional directors. You'll develop your technique as an actor, with an emphasis on generosity.

This term gives you the opportunity to study screen acting with professional film directors, in a unique 4 week workshop.

3rd term

Performance: this term exposes you to the rigour of professional rehearsals. You will take part in a theatre production of a play studied in term 2.  

The production will see you work with set designers, directors, voice and movement coaches, and perform in a professional space.   

Fall term 28th September - 12th December 2020

Spring term 11th January -  27th March 2021 

Summer term 26th April - 5th June 2021

Applications open 1st December 2019

First round auditions will commence Spring 2020.

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