3 Month Intensive Course

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This foundation programme helps you reach your goals as an actor. The course offers an insight and preparation for professional vocational training. It is a unique course designed by certified teachers, professional actors and working directors with decades of collective experience in the theatrical and cinematic arts.

Program elements include:

Voice & Movement

You will train in the craft of acting intensively throughout the term. We strongly believe that freeing the body and voice of any tension is crucial to an actor's journey.

Movement and Voice Classes are at the heart of our work. They give you an understanding of your instrument and allow you to be in charge of it. Once you begin to work without tension, you will let your partner move you and learn to exist in the present.

Class objective: Establish a working relationship with the power of your voice and the nuances of natural movement.

Develop Your Instrument

Body and voice are a critical focus to our exploration as they are the actor’s instrument.

As an actor you must master your body and voice to release imagination, speak and move freely.

Voice Classes

Voice teachers on all our programmes have been trained by Patsy Rodenburg, Head of Voice at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Movement classes

Movement teachers on our programmes have been trained by Wendy Alnutt, Head of Movement at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Acting for Stage

Throughout the 3 months we will choose scenes from major theatrical works for the group to explore acting in a shared world. Selected scenes will be workshopped throughout the course and staged in the last week of the term. This work will focus on classical as well as contemporary playwrights such as Shakespeare, Chekov and Mamet. It is an opportunity for the students to showcase their skills learned during their training. This project will push you to work as an individual within an ensemble, with others, for others. This requires you to be open, develop a sense of humour and courage, and to be emotionally available. All these attributes are crucial should you wish to train in one of the world's leading drama schools.  

Class Objective: Confidence building and stage craft skills.

Discover the Ensemble 

The “Ensemble’” is at the heart of our work. It demands that the actor is available for the group. Being in the “moment” is the ultimate goal for every actor. Risk is a necessary cost to find the moment and release is a crucial state to reach in order to exist in the moment.

Audition Training

Auditioning is the life-blood of a working actor. Students will learn to be comfortable, calm and focussed throughout auditions and learn to master the process of getting the role you want. On a regular basis, students will be exposed to new mock auditions, one-to-one coaching, notes and feedback to improve the quality of the audition. Professional casting directors will periodically attend final recalls. Auditioning is an intensive process that demands dramatic flexibility and spontaneity. Students will be coached through the auditioning cycle in every detail. 

Class objective: Develop the tools and techniques required to audition successfully.

Benefit from Assessment 

Your work will be continuously assessed with regular feedback sessions and one-to-one tutorials with teachers. We take pride in joining the journey with our students from start to finish. 

Course Details:

Full Time

As a student you will work over 360 hours on your craft and train in movement and voice over a 3 month intense course. The work will lead to representation of what is required in a professional environment.


The Fontainebleau School of Acting is located in the magnificent town of Fontainebleau, near Paris. It offers students a wonderful quality of life and the ideal environment to learn, work and grow. 


Fall term: 28th September 2020 to 12th December 2020.

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