Two Year Professional Conservatoire Training

The two-year training at FONACT is an extension of the one-year course, with a detailed exploration into:

  • Rehearsal projects
  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Screen acting
  • Theatre production
  • Acting studies
  • Audition skills
  • Professional development

You will work with new directors covering contemporary and classical text, with a showing at the end of each term. The course provides an active involvement in TV & FILM studies with our screen-acting modules, delving into the necessary preparation for professional camera work.

Our full-time training gives a solid understanding of the wider world of acting while retaining our solid base around the ensemble.

In your second year you will be guided, stretched and challenged by highly regarded and experienced professionals from the worlds’ top drama schools and institutions and will take part in three full scale theatre productions in the magnificent Municipal Theatre of Fontainebleau.


Term 1

Voice and movement work will be the focus of this term. You will work countless hours over 3 months on your instrument: you. Being in charge of your instrument is key to freeing your imagination.

Ensemble work is at the heart of the training, as a group you will be pushed outside your comfort zone and take your confidence to a new level.

Term 2

Scene work and acting exercises with professional directors will be the emphasis of this term. You will work on your technique as an actor, generosity being our obsession.

During this term you will study screen acting with professional film directors in a unique 4 week workshop.

Term 3

Performance. In this 4 week term you will be exposed to the rigour of professional rehearsals by taking part in theatre productions for one of the plays studied during term 2.

For these productions we work with professional set designers, directors, voice and movement coaches, and perform in professional spaces.

Year 2 


The first part of the term will focus on honing in on the craft. 3 to 4 weeks will be spent training the voice and body ensuring every student has a healthy and productive way of utilising the skills they have learnt in the first year and confirm that they know how to put it into practice.


Rehearsal time will take up most of the term time at Fonact. We will work on one project per term allowing every student  to have the opportinuty to develop a character and understand their character and process.


The final 2 weeks of each term will be when the project is put on to the public. One week of this will be technical rehearsals and the second will be the production itself. This will mimic the experience students would receive in any other professional production.

Year One

Fall term 28th September - 12th December 2020

Spring term 11th January -  27th March 2021

Summer term 26th April - 10th July 2021

Year Two

 Fall Term 27th September - 11th December 2021 

Spring Term 3rd January - 26th March 2022 

Summer Term 25th April - 9th July 2022

Applications open 1st December 2019

First round auditions will commence Spring 2020.

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